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IMPORTANT: We have now withdrawn from event and outside catering and are closed for all aspects of business. Please seek alternate catering arrangments.

Please click here if you require further details about our closure.

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Whether celebrating or indulging during a weekend getaway, treat yourselves to a restaurant style meal without ever leaving the house with one of our Private Dining Menus!

For more information, to request a quote or to make a booking, please contact us;


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For special occasions and fine dining, our Dinner Party Menus are exclusively offered as catered 3 course menus. Allow our chef and waiting staff to treat you to first class food and service, all in the comfort and privacy of your own home or holiday let. Prices start from £48.00 per person.

For family or more informal dining, our Bistro Menus offer a selection of firm favourites to please every appetite. Available catered as 2 or 3 courses, from £32.00 per person, and also by delivery.

We can also offer Themed Menu suggestions, featuring cuisines from around the globe, in place of our seasonal Dinner Party Menus.

Perfect for first night arrivals and casual grazing, our Sharing Platter range can be offered in place of our Bistro starters or main courses.

Our Traditional Roast Menu offers 'Sunday Lunch' at any time of the week, using the best of locally reared livestock, from high grade free-range farms. Catered from £39.00 per person for 3 courses. Also offered as a 2 course menu, and by delivery.

For larger number and buffet style dining, visit our Whole Roasts page to view available options and services.

Brimming with child friendly favourites to please all under-12s, our dedicated Children's Menu is available from £21.00 for 2 courses, catered. Also available as 3 courses, or for delivery.

On holiday? For lie-ins and lazy starts to the weekend mornings, take advantage of our Breakfast & Brunch Menus, available catered from £20.00 per person, or delivered with simple instructions.

We can also offer smaller portions of our Dinner Party, Bistro, Traditional Roast, Tasting and festive menus for children of any age.

Click here to download our Private Dining Menus, available individually or in convenient menu packs for weekend planning.


For larger groups and alternative services, you may wish to visit our Events Menus, which include our extensive Barbecue, Buffet and Whole Roast ranges.

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All prices illustrated are inclusive of food and chef costs, as well as VAT, and are based on parties of 10 adults or more. Waiting staff and travel charges are not represented and are dependent upon group size and venue location.

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